Things to know while buying a high-rise in Bangalore

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In case you are looking for to get a treetop view of the garden city, be aware. High-rise towers around airports and some defense installations require special clearance.
Not many people know this, but Bangalore has four airports, viz., the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) located at Devenahalli, the one that we all use; the old Airport (near HAL); the Yelahanka Defense Aerodrome and the Government Flying and Training School at Jakkur.
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All these airports have aviation restrictions pertaining to the location and the height of the buildings nearby. These are based on the distance from the runway.

Broadly, height restrictions vary depending on the radius, viz., for 5 km, 20 km and the largest at 56 km from the concerned airport.

Although demolitions in case of violations are rare, the buyer needs to be concerned as there is no guarantee of security here going forward.
So when buying a property near any of these airports look for certain documents:
  • A height certificate certified from an agency or a civil engineer from the relevant department.
  • An authentication on the certificate by the local authority, like from the BDA or BBMP, by a designated Town Planning Engineer.
  • It is only post this that a No-Objection Certificate is issued to the developer.
  • Broadly, a development project around a 20 km radius from an airport needs to get an NOC from the local airport authority.
  • Projects beyond 20 km upto around 56 km from the aerodrome also need an NOC, if they are above 150m.
  • Buyers need to understand as Bangalore is a plateau, higher the ground level, shorter the permitted height of the project.
  • A plan sanction cannot be obtained without the NOC from the airports authority.
  • NOCs have time limits and buyers need to check the date in the certificate.
  • The point prospective that the buyer needs to keep in mind is that some builders tend to mis-state the location, so as to get a lower elevation (as per contours), enabling more floors. It would be best to check this with the land department.
  • Restricted or high-security buildings too have certain building restrictions. Approvals in terms of height and proximity to the building are two aspects that buyers need to checkout. Bureau